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I'm baritone saxophonist Glenn Wilson. Glad you found my website. Enjoy yourself (while you're still in the pink)

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New Recording - Timely - Cadence Records(CJR1255)

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Best of 2015 - Michael Nastos - AMG

Glenn Wilson "Timely" (Cadence Jazz) -More acclaim should be reaped on the baritone sax prowess of Glenn Wilson. He’s always pushing the envelope just a bit while swinging hard, and offers a sound that jumps out of the loudspeakers. Like a new day Jazz Messengers, Wilson, trumpeter John D’Earth and this quintet play outstanding, authentic jazz, swinging to the last bar, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Downbeat Magazine

Timely Downbeat Review

Greg Edwards - Gapplegate Music Review

The set is an excellent one, with a generous playing time and some consistently inspired playing. It has the fire of conviction and shows us why Glenn Wilson and his band are something to hear and appreciate. Glenn can PLAY! I am glad to have this one.

Jordan Richardson- Canadian Audiophile

Timely is one of those live recordings that simply swings for the fences. The baritone saxophonist is an assured and comfortable performer and his post-bop lines are brilliant pieces of art on their own. Pair him with trumpeter John D’Earth and slip John Toomey (piano), Jimmy Masters (bass) and Tony Martucci (drums) into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for fantastic jazz. The “great art” of Timely, as Wilson would have it, is locked in all the matchless and unrepeatable moments. Lucky for us, this slice of recorded history stands as evidence of those two hot nights and can be experienced again and again.

Don Albert review from South Africa

Jazz DeGama review from Canada
Glenn Wilson the baritone saxophonist exudes good taste from every musical pore in his body and soul. His romance with the big horn is almost palpably physical and the manner in which he seems to caress each note he plays suggests a sensuality that is rare among users of the baritone for this is a horn that is better suited to gruffness and a gravelly voice. This, in turn gives rise to a sensation that is almost too rough to be as caressing. Mr. Wilson’s embouchure is such that his lines are viscous and he spews them forth in great tongues of fire. But first there are notes that pop out of his horn like plump drops of magic potion that then fly up, pirouetting as they do so in balletic swirls forming those hot and gushing lines that he has become known for. Sometimes Mr. Wilson holds those notes as if they exist in suspended animation and then when their is too much to bear he lets go and the notes dissipate in feathery poofs while others take their place. Outstanding performances marvellously captured. What more could you ask for?

Critical Jazz Review - 5 Stars!

As a live record, the improvisational makeup is simply killing it. A fresh approach and evolving presentation that makes this working band a cut above similar contemporaries. This release is spontaneous, organic yet forward thinking. The rhythm section are as good as any you will hear. The tunes are eclectic yet accessible and allowed to develop their own organic heartbeat. Wilson's tone on baritone might be reminiscent of Pepper Adams to some but his phrasing and lyrical flow are strictly his own. - Brent Black - Bop-'n-Jazz

Midwest Record
Why is this so hard to figure out? Let a guy that knows what he's doing do what he does. Wilson, almost a secret weapon in jazz fires up his sax which fires up his crew and the result is arguably a full on post bop classic in the brewing. Even if the gang is all grey haired, they play with four on floor intensity and the result is a snapping, crackling, popping gasser. This is real jazz for real jazz ears. Hot stuff.

Bebop Spoken Here Review
.. this is music worthy of today. Its roots may be in yesterday, perhaps even the day before, but its relevance is now, tomorrow and the day after. The disc is entitled Timely - change the name - call it Timeless - Bebop Spoken Here

UK Vibe Review

Bob Bernotas Just Jazz Review

“What a joy this album is! Everything swings, sometimes very hard, and there’s a lot of hard thinking at work, too. And nothing ‘retro’ either: this is now music.” – Larry Kart, author of “Jazz in Search of Itself”

“The spirit of Donald Byrd, Thad Jones and Pepper Adams is alive and well… they channel the spirit of the 1960’s into the 21st Century.” – Bill Kirchner - Author/Educator/Jazz Historian writer/producer of NPR’s Jazz Profiles