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I'm baritone saxophonist Glenn Wilson. Glad you found my website. Enjoy yourself (while you're still in the pink)

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New Recording - Timely - Cadence Records(CJR1255)

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Critical Jazz Review - 5 Stars!

As a live record, the improvisational makeup is simply killing it. A fresh approach and evolving presentation that makes this working band a cut above similar contemporaries. This release is spontaneous, organic yet forward thinking. The rhythm section are as good as any you will hear. The tunes are eclectic yet accessible and allowed to develop their own organic heartbeat. Wilson's tone on baritone might be reminiscent of Pepper Adams to some but his phrasing and lyrical flow are strictly his own. - Brent Black - Bop-'n-Jazz

Bebop Spoken Here Review

.. this is music worthy of today. Its roots may be in yesterday, perhaps even the day before, but its relevance is now, tomorrow and the day after. The disc is entitled Timely - change the name - call it Timeless - Bebop Spoken Here

“What a joy this album is! Everything swings, sometimes very hard, and there’s a lot of hard thinking at work, too. And nothing ‘retro’ either: this is now music.” – Larry Kart, author of “Jazz in Search of Itself”

“The spirit of Donald Byrd, Thad Jones and Pepper Adams is alive and well… they channel the spirit of the 1960’s into the 21st Century.” – Bill Kirchner - Author/Educator/Jazz Historian writer/producer of NPR’s Jazz Profiles