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I'm baritone saxophonist Glenn Wilson. Glad you found my website.

What's New

NEW RECORDING - is coming. Very proud of a great quintet session recorded live at Havana Nights Jazz Club - Joining me are John Dearth - trumpet, John Toomey - piano, Jimmy Masters - bass and Tony Martucci - drums. Some burnin' live jazz. Not sure when it will be out or on what label, but that will all be decided soon.

Also recorded a unique and adventurous quartet with Chip McNeill-tenor sax, Stockton Helbing-drums and James Driscoll -bass. Some really creative and interesting playing/writing and arrangments. Chip and I also finally will debut our duet literature!

Upcoming tour with Doc Severinsen
March 28 - Northridge, CA
March 29 - Las Vegas
March 31 - Grand Junction, CO
April 2 - Sheridan, WY
April 3 - Billings, MT
April 4 - Rapid City, SD
Hope to see some friends around the country!

FREE DOWNLOADS - TromBari did a gig in April which is now available as a free download on the Nimbit Music Player. Choose the link at the left.

New TromBari CD

WGLT Podcast about Devils Hopyard

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Point of Departure

The new CD from TromBari, my group with trombonist Jim Pugh was relased in May. I'm very proud of the CD. You can find out what's up and buy it on my TromBari page or on the CDs page. You can get the CD from CCNOW on the CDs page or from CdBaby.

If you want to download, you can get that from CdBaby or Nimbit (use the links on the left)

Use the Nimbit player to listen to all my CDs. The tracks are full-length as opposed to the CdBaby page which only has samples. This is getting very confusing, I know. If you buy the CD from CCNOW on the CDs page, I will send it to you personally.

If you are a member as of right now (no, right now), and you order the CD or the download, I'll also make available 16-bit wav files which are of higher fidelity for those of you who are audiophiles.

CD Price Drop
To celebrate the new release, prices are reduced on all my CDs to 10.00 for a limited time. If you need to complete your Glenn Wilson collection (and who doesn't?), vist the CDs page.

Trombari: Devils Hopyard